Incredible Incredible Business card/motion idea. 

How to design an emotional response?

- Atmospheres

- Senses

- Emotions

How to design simple and beautiful spaces?

- design to the human scale 

- simplicity

How to design safer spaces?

- Using the ideas of prospect and refuge to influence design thinking

- Sean Godsell

- Peter Zumthor

What shapes and forms a space? 

- colour

- materiality

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Designing atmospheres attuned to the concern of the user.

“Perhaps more people would choose to live in urban villages if they were exposed to them. ‘if you ask people if they want ‘density,’ they will always say no,’ says Peter Katz, author of ‘The New Urbanism.’ ‘But if you ask if they want restaurants and schools and other things close to where they live, they say yes.’ But you couldn’t build a village in most places in the country even if you wanted to. Suburban sprawl is built into the zoning codes of most communities and the lending policies of virtually every bank”
Jerry Adler

How to design for the future? 




How do people feel safe in public spaces?

Can we design a ‘safe’ atmosphere within Perth’s city? 

What shapes and forms people?

Looking into how culture, experiences, memories and identity shapes and forms people. 

Changing Perth

Using simple architectural tools to change and shape Perths city